Many millions of people have stretch marks and none of these people like or want these stretch marks on them. Stretch marks are form of skin scarring caused by puberty, obesity, pregnancy, body building and short term weight gain. The scarring is caused by the middle layer of skin that is stretched more than it possibly can tolerate which then breaks the connective fibres and cause skin scarring. Today there are many ways in not only in reducing stretch marks but also removing away the stretch marks too. Skin scarring can be treated most of the time through rejuvenation clinic Penrith.

Unwanted skin scarring can make you feel ugly. But no worries you can look and feel your best again by doing laser stretch mark removal. These surgeries are done at the stretch mark removal clinics. There are many causes for stretch marks to appear on your body. Both sexes are prone to stretch marks. Stretch marks appear mostly in these particular areas such as hips, buttocks, thigh, arms, and abdominal areas and lower back.

Women mostly get stretch mark on their stomach after pregnancy. Some women also have stretch mark on their breasts too. Stretch marks can be caused by genetics also. Another way is if you have a weight fluctuation, sometimes you gain and loss weight can also cause stretch marks.

During body growth and development too, stretch marks can occur. That is during puberty body rate of growth is high. Athletes and body building gym addicts also have stretch marks when they develop muscle mass. People with dark skin are less likely in having stretch marks.

During pregnancy when arms, hips, legs cause increase in weight can also give people stretch marks too. But now many women visit stretch mark removal clinics to remove unwanted skin scarring by laser stretch mark removal. This treatment gives the woman a youthful appurtenance and renewed.

Long way back people with stretch marks use the traditional method by using lotions, creams, and exercise and herbal treatments. Many products were widely available in removing stretch marks. But today many people prefer doing laser treatment because the results are instant unlike the traditional way where you need to wait for weeks to see a difference. You can visit this page–dermal-fillers.html for other anti aging solutions. 

Usually after the laser stretch mark removal the skin affected will be red and tender. This is when the new skin is beginning to grow over the removed scarred skin. Healing of the skin after surgery will take a few days to recover. These laser stretch mark removals surgeries are very costly.

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