Curls are really nice, but the effort they take to keep neat can make you seriously take into consideration the option of smoothing your hair. A long term solution is chemical treatment.

Chemical? Isn’t that toxic to my hair?

If you use the proper products and techniques, there is no reason to be afraid of these treatments. First of all, let me explain to you how chemical hair smoothing treatment Melbourne works. Let’s exercise our imagination for a few short moments: consider straight hair being a stair case and curly hair being spiral staircase. Each step is one of the hair’s bonds and if you separate the bonds then you can put them back together in a different fashion. This enables curly hair to become straight.

A semi permanent treatment makes use of sodium hydroxide and ammonium thioglycolate. It straightens the hair until it grows out, by transforming its texture. These are the same chemicals used in “Japanese straightening”. Although this solution lasts for a very long time, it is also rather damaging.

Being a gas, formaldehyde cannot technically be contained by any hair treatment whatsoever. The actual contents are: formalin, methylene glycol, methanediol and methanal. These substances release formaldehyde under certain conditions: being subjected to heat or making contact with water. Carefully ask about this to stylist if the smoothing method involves any formaldehyde or something that will release it. It has to involve at least one of the above mentioned chemicals and the stylist has to be aware of it and inform you on the possible side effects. Link here offer a great hair solution that can cover your needs.

There is a new chemical that has been recently introduced on the market and it is used as a replacement for those damaging chemicals. It is called glyoxylic acid. The news is that it is free from one hundred percent formaldehyde. On the flip side, it is not quite as effective as the toxic compounds.

After you smoothen your hair you need to start using a new type of shampoo. The manufacturers that create salon smoothing treatments make products that are said to extend the duration of your results as well. You can take them into consideration, buy the truth is that any shampoo that doesn’t have any sulfate in its composition is good to go. Another tip: never use beach sprays because they are full of sulfates. I repeat: never use beach sprays. They can cause the frizz to reappear earlier that it should have.

If you’re looking for a short term solution that is significantly cheaper as well, there are “do it yourself at home” products. Just don’t expect anything amazing to come out of it.

Finally, save the chemical treatments for when you’ll need them the most, doing it more than three times per year can make your hair prone to breakage and more brittle.

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