Malvern is situated in England and has its reputation of being a civil parish and a spa town. It earned its title of a spa town due to the hot springs it had but of course in the 19th century this demand decreased and then Malvern started catering to hostel facilities such as villas and luxury apartments for university students. The scenery in here is very beautiful and soothing as it is covered with the Malvern Hills. The temperature plummets up to about 22.4 Celsius during summer and decreases to a staggering 8.1 Celsius during winter.

But the overall temperature of the place is neutral in compared to other places in England. People of different ethnicities reside in Malvern such as black, Asian, mix and even British themselves. The main attractions of Malvern are their villas as the architecture is Edwardian, Victorian and regency. Long time back it was just the wealthy who used to live in Malvern. Moving to an unknown place would be difficult at first but once you get the hang of how things work it is not going to be that hard. Malvern isn’t a very hostile place ad all its residences are very friendly. There a few important things to consider when moving to Malvern.

How to find a job

Finding a job in an unknown place might be quite challenging. An easy way is to check through newspapers and magazines on the job vacancies available or one could even consul the Malvern council regarding the possible vacancies. As this is an obvious tourist destination spot opening something that caters to them is a very good idea. One option would be to work as a hair dresser in Malvern.

One needs to have a primary qualification in hair dressing and beauty culture to become a best salon and hair dresser in Malvern. Another option would be to open up a spa or cafeteria. A spa would be a better idea because it is easy to obtain spring water and this could be an added advantage. One could even act as a tourist guide once one gets customised to the place.

Selling souvenirs’ that portray the history, culture and architecture of Malvern is also another good option. Instead of staring one’s own business which might not be possible unless one stays for a longer period of times, one could work under someone. There are many schools and high schools so teaching is something to consider and plus it is a half a day job in some cases so according to ones convenience one could fix the timings.

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